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Anna Kirkpatrick opens her “Armoires”

American painter Anna Kirkpatrick has chosen for many years now to reside in Autun. She pursues the deepening of an entirely personal expression that aims, with great humbleness of means, to reveal her emotions, to suggest them without ever being aggressive, neither with colour nor form.

She currently exhibits recent work, under the title Slow Works, at LR Communicability. This slowness is full of an interior richness that grows out of taking time to contemplate the old buildings of the medieval quarter where she lives, steeped in the atmosphere of lopsided facades and poetic moss covered rooftops. Far from regretting the ancient past, she peacefully recreates it in pictorial objects that mingle worn, aged wood, pigments for faded gentle colours, and layered sewn cloth.

Going uphill toward the Cathedral—and best in the evening--one discovers, illuminated in the two windows that form the angle of the petite rue Chauchien and rue Maréchaux, a large canvas of pale hues. Like a sheet, well-worn from use, mended, strewn with numbers and undecipherable words it recounts an enigmatic life.

And the Armoires, painted sculptures of modest appearance, hesitate to reveal their mysterious contents. Exhibition until 23 August. Visible at night.

Caption under two chests:
Chests that grow taller to resemble columns from which secrets escape.

Caption under portrait in the studio:
Anna Kirkpatrick unites a modern sensibility with influences drawn from contact with primitive art.