2010 Advent Armoire
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Anna Kirkpatrick’s new Armoire

Photo caption:  A. Kirkpatrick just opened Saffron colored door n°14 that is accompanied by a quotation about “colors like bombs that explode in light”

Anna Kirkpatrick, American artist--Autun by adoption--invites a daily rendez-vous with her Advent Armoire exhibited in the immense window of LR Communicability. Inspired by Advent calendars with tiny windows that open onto an image, a poem, or an episode from the Bible, the artist has created an Armoire that also contains a wealth of mystery behind its 28 doors each modestly covered in collage of newspaper. Since the 28th of November, each day, Anna Kirkpatrick liberates a door and uncovers a niche of a different color. Little by little, the Armoire builds into a symphony of colors that harmonize amongst each other and draw us in. The artist explains having had the idea upon “re-finding” a quotation of Cézanne, “Sometimes I imagine colors as living ideas, as beings of pure reason…with whom we might correspond.” Equally, each day, a short text, most often a quotation about color, is proposed for reflection. After the event on the 26th of November, Unexpected Harmonies—a meeting between Anna Kirkpatrick’s sculpture, the film L’Anna et l’Armoire directed by Anne Comode and the moment musical offered by Marcia Hadjimarkos, this is the latest way to follow the itinerary of an artist who handles color by means of a search for harmony and serenity.