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Harmonies as successful as unexpected

Photo caption: The presentation of the ebony Cabinet of secrets was the prelude to a moment outside of time

Friday afternoon, the Musée Rolin offered a program of discovery and surprise. Creating a bridge between the art of past centuries and contemporary art, this intimiste afternoon showed that art, finally, is timeless.

Brigitte Maurice-Chabard, Chief curator at Musée Rolin, opened, exceptionally, a precious piece of furniture dating from the XVII century. This ebony cabinet, a true jewel, made up of a multitude of small drawers (secret or not) is usually presented closed. The stunning delicacy of the chest was matched only by the delight of the guests.

This relatively quick presentation was in fact the departure point for a program proposed by Autun artist Anna Kirkpatrick and celebrated pianist Marcia Hadjimarkos, specialist of the clavichord.

Reunited in the former palais de justice, the public next discovered a film directed by Anne Comode and Anna Kirkpatrick. This latter one, heroine of the half dream-like, half documentary style film, presents her creations--sorts of armoires with multiple openings. Several of these works imposed proudly beside the baroque piano on which Marcia Hadjimarklos then interpreted works of Eric Satie, Bela Bartok and Franz Schubert.

Inviting the public to rediscover some of these compositions, the artist offered the finale of an afternoon that truly offered harmonies as much unexpected as joyful.