2007 Autun
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Anna Kirkpatrick made a name for herself

The American painter, residing in Autun, lives from her passion for nearly 15 years.

Born in the United States in the 1950’s, and brought up in the heart of Virginia, Anna Kirkpatrick discovered painting at a young age.  She studied painting at fine arts schools in the United States and then taught painting.  In 1988 she discovered the South of France and moved to Aix-en-Provence.  An exhibition with resounding success at the Vasarely Foundation, in 1990, was the trigger.  From this time forward the artist decided to live from her painting.  She exhibits her abstract collages and oils a bit everywhere in the world, a hard won recognition in a milieu where it isn’t always easy to be a woman.  “Few women exhibit in big museums,” underlines the artist.  “At a high level it’s more difficult for women than for men to gain recognition.” But, descending from a mother and grandmother who cultivated their independence, she has always been attached to her freedom.  “It’s wonderful to live in a period where one has the right to abortion and contraception,” she affirms.  “One can have an independent life.  I’m happy to be free and able to work, but it also has a price.  It’s still difficult today for women to have a career and a family.”
       A freedom to preserve.