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anna.kirkpatrick@wanadoo.fr         post: Anna Kirkpatrick, BP 32, 71400 Autun, France
new works 2014, collage & boxes
Internationale d'art miniature, 7e edition, Levis (Quebec), Canada
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exhibition: 14 July - 19 August 2012

Oskar's Garden, collage of paper  
CITU - Centre culturel International de la Tour des Ursulines, Autun  

installation armoires septembre 2011, Halles d'Hallencourt, Autun
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January 2012, La  Cabane de la Méditation
found a home at the Rillieux Auction in Lyon
Proceeds of the Rillieux auction of sculptures included in the SINGUL'ART exhbition "Precious Little Cabins" were donated to Notre Dame Shelter for the homeless in Lyon. This gift helped permit renovation of the kitchen and increases the number of meals that can be prepared daily from 600 to 1000.
meditation cabin found a home...
height 6 inches
recipient DRAC grant: Individual aid for creation, French government grant for visual artists
exhibition: September 2012
exhibition: 16 Juin - 1 Septembre 2013